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Two neuchâtelois winners of the “Industrie 4.0 – The Shapers” 2020 prize

Two of the winners of the "Industry 4.0 - The Shapers" 2020 award are from the canton of Neuchâtel Stéphane Poggi, CEO of Felco Motion and Christophe Taramarcaz, CEO of HoroSys. This competition[...]

17 March 2020

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Two of the winners of the “Industry 4.0 – The Shapers” 2020 award are from the canton of Neuchâtel Stéphane Poggi, CEO of Felco Motion and Christophe Taramarcaz, CEO of HoroSys.
This competition is organized for the third time by ManufactureThinking.ch and the Chambers of Commerce of the cantons of Neuchâtel, Vaud, Geneva, Jura and Bernese Jura. It showcases innovative personalities from French-speaking Switzerland’s industry and their achievements in breakthrough innovation. The jury of this edition is composed of 15 members from different fields of activity.

Who is Stephane Poggi, one of the two winners from the canton of Neuchâtel?

Stephane Poggi has been managing the company Felco Motion since 2010. He is looking for innovative solutions for the products and services that the Felco Group offers its customers. A personality who is passionate about innovation and who thinks “out of the box”. Felco Motion was created to be the innovation hub of the Felco Group.
His company took on the challenge of finding an innovative solution to assist winemakers in the most difficult tasks.
The Neuchâtel-based company Felco Motion has created a service concept, the Digivits solution. It is a connected service for precision viticulture. The project has led to the development of a precision geolocation system and a web interface allowing the visualisation and processing of data from a portable data collection device. At the same time, a consortium of regional expertise was created in the field of digitisation of outdoor activities, such as viticulture.
NECO supported the company Felco Motion SA for its innovative project through the NPR aid.

Who is Christophe Taramarcaz, the other laureate from the canton of Neuchâtel?

Christophe Taramarcaz has been running HoroSys since its creation in 2015. He has spent more than 25 years designing machines for the watchmaking industry. During these years of experience, he has been able to observe that machines are expensive and heavy for SMEs. This will all change after a visit to Japan and the Japanese consortium DTF (Desktop Factory), whose concept is the flexible and efficient production of small items with small systems and small batches of various types of items.
The Smart Micro Factory (SMF) project came into being shortly afterwards. Its ambition is to demonstrate the feasibility of a flexible, complete, reconfigurable production plant that fits on a workbench. It is also intended to promote the establishment of an SMF skills pool, the creation of software modules and tools needed to build flexible micro-plants and the creation of two scalable pilot lines corresponding to the needs of the industrial partners, with assembly processes typical of the local microtechnology industry.
In 2018, as part of an NPR project, NECO supported this project.