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In Switzerland, there are different types of work permits for European Union nationals and citizens from non-member countries.

An agreement with the European Union on free movement makes it easy to recruit people from a population base that extends beyond the borders of the canton.

European Union

The procedure for recruiting European Union nationals has been simplified. The individual must :

  • have an employment contract with a company in Switzerland;
  • follow the necessary procedures with the relevant municipality, that is to say :
    • the municipality in which the company is based for cross-border workers ;
    • the municipality of residence for workers who are coming to live in the region.

The procedure for a European Union national to obtain a work permit is explained on the canton’s migration service website. (In French only, please contact us with the form below)

Non-member countries

With regard to non-member countries, work permits are granted to nationals who have specialist skills and whose contribution is essential for the successful development of a business.
Every request is carefully examined. The procedure for non-member nationals to obtain a residence and work permit is explained on the canton’s migration service website. (In French only, please contact us with the form below)



The labour market office and its ProEmployer sector are dedicated to serving the needs of the employers in the canton of Neuchâtel. A business expert will handle your request and support you throughout the recruitment process.

Labour market office agents have access to an extensive regional, cantonal, national and European network to help you search for future employees.



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