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Data protection

Pursuant to article 13 of the Federal Constitution, federal and cantonal legislation on data protection, as well as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), every individual has the right to respect for his/her private life and the right to be protected against misuse of personal data concerning him/her. The Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel strictly complies with these provisions.

Personal data is treated confidentially and is neither sold nor passed on to third parties. In close cooperation with our web hosts, we make every effort to protect our databases from external intrusion, improper use or falsification. You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal data.
The Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel only retains your personal data if you have contacted the service, in order to ensure the procedure is properly monitored. If you do not wish the information you have submitted to be retained, you should contact the administration by mail at the address given in the directory.

However, the Service of the Economy of the canton of Neuchâtel is not responsible for your data security. It is your responsibility to make an up-to-date backup copy of the data you provide and to store it somewhere other than the website.

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References and links

References and links to other websites are not the responsibility of the Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel. Access to these websites and their use shall be at the user’s own risk. The Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel expressly states that it has no influence whatsoever on the form, content and offers of the websites linked to via hyperlinks. Responsibility for the information and services offered on these websites rests entirely with the authors. The Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel accepts no liability for such websites.

Logo, use and protection

The name “Service de l’économie du canton de Neuchâtel (NECO)” (Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel) and its logo are protected by intellectual property law. Entities wishing to use the logo must specifically request written authorisation, duly substantiated and documented. Before using it, they must submit a sample of the document containing these elements to NECO by post or email.

The logo can only be used once permission has been granted to the applicant. Any illicit or unauthorised use of the logos will be legally prosecuted. Sanctions will be imposed by the judicial body according to applicable existing Swiss laws.

The Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel authorises any other website or material to include a hyperlink to its contents except for those which publish polemical, pornographic, xenophobic, indecent or immoral content. However, the integrity of the page linked to must be respected, and no insertion into other websites is permitted. Similarly, the link must clearly indicate the nature of the content, as well as the exact address of the page. Any use of links to the site of the Economy Department of the canton of Neuchâtel for commercial or advertising purposes is forbidden.


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